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Consisting of two companies, Rus Universal Trade and Golden Takal. The Silk Road is registered in both Russia and Azerbaijan and has offices in Tehran, Istanbul, Moscow and Ulaanbaatar.

In an attempt to facilitate export and import affairs between regional and trans-regional countries through a new method, Rus Universal Trade and Golden Takal group of companies provide manufacturers and suppliers in different countries with an opportunity to get recognized at the international level by sharing their products and services.

Thanks to our experience in international business during the past 50 years, we are determined to assist you in your journey to expand your market and business.

Silk Road provides categorized information for a variety of products and services from all around the world which is a great opportunity for international trading companies.

The Silk Road ecommerce portal is a B2B (Business to Business) website which has been designed and implemented to establish business relationships and presents an opportunity for purchasing and selling goods between industries and companies in different parts of the world including Russia, Azerbaijan, other Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Mongolia, Iran and Turkey.

The Silk Road Trading Group, as a representative of companies and business parties, tries its best to support the businesspersons and investor companies by carrying out a comprehensive evaluation of international markets and introducing investment opportunities and projects.



We aim to focus on partnership with economic firms and creation and development of new markets in the international trade arena.

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